Pinery Park to Remove Threats from Leaning Trees

On Thursday November 13, Jim Peck, Assistant Superintendent of Pinery Provincial Park, asked to meet with representatives of the Huron Woods community to outline Ministry plans to deal with some of the tornado damage at the northernmost end of Pinery Park. On the afternoon of Friday November 14, Jim met with three representatives from the Huron Woods Community Association. He described the plans to take down damaged Pinery trees which are threatening safety on various trails inside and adjacent to the Park, as well as some leaning Pinery trees that threaten private property adjacent to the Park. He showed some of the trees that are on Pinery property but leaning or falling over the properties and trails immediately adjacent to the Park. The trees that will be taken down will be pulled back from the Pinery boundary but will not be taken away from the Park.

Jim explained that the Ministry has hired the private company Arbortech to remove the threats to the safety of people using the trails or the private property adjacent to the Park. The work will take place from November 17 to 22. Jim’s plan will require the use of a skidder which will access the Park property using part of the trail on Access # 5 at the foot of Pinetree Court, and using some private property at the foot of Pinery Lane. Arbortech has assured Jim that the equipment will cause no damage, but will require the temporary removal of some sign-posts and the temporary cutting of some fencing. He plans to contact the Pinery Lane property owner directly.
Anyone who wants more information or anyone who has concerns about this project is invited to contact Jim Peck directly. He will be on the work site most of time from November 17 to 22. He will check his email and phone frequently. His contact information is the following:

Written by Paul Mennill

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