News from the Board

Things have started to quiet down for the fall and winter so news to report is quite light.

At our recent meeting Fortress Fencing was selected to effect repairs to our Court fencing.  Unfortunately we are still at least 2 to 3 weeks away from work completion.  They are awaiting delivery of the proper size and colour fencing which apparently is not always readily available.   We have appreciated the patience of all Tennis and Pickleball players. 

Our Welcoming Committee outlined details of the November 8th New Neighbours welcome party. Please mark this date on your calendar and come out to meet our new neighbours.  More details will follow from the Committee.

Our Treasurer reported that over 40 members have still not paid this year’s dues.  With the storm expenses this year your Association needs to bring all accounts up to date as soon as possible.   If you have not paid please do so as soon as possible.

Best regards to all from the Board
Mike Krische

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