Update From Your HWCA Board of Directors

Hello neighbours ….
I would like to provide a brief update on recent Board activities related to the storm:

  1. After obtaining three quotes (and one no-bid) the Board approved Brockley Tree Service to address the numerous trees that were down or needed removal on the clubhouse grounds.  Many of the trees presented hazards and liabilities and required immediate action to eliminate the danger to clubhouse users.  The mailbox and parking areas were addressed first as they are the highest traffic areas.  As conveyed on our Blog site we decided that the continuation of a volunteer clean-up would not be a safe or timely alternative.
  2.  The Board has resolved to carefully control any possible non-essential spending to mitigate the tree removal costs.  Fortunately we did have some Emergency and Special Reserves set aside and available to draw upon. It is somewhat ironic that our plans to explore the possibility of an emergency generator may be pushed back for a while as we absorb the costs of cleanup.
  3. Since submitting Paul Mennill’s letter on our behalf to council and receiving continuing positive action from the Municipality for cleanup of brush on the road allowances, the Board has resolved to assist efforts by Lambton Shores to compile information on noninsured losses to our community members for inclusion with their disaster relief submission to the Province. We cannot predict whether this effort will result in assistance from the Provincial or Federal Governments, but we are determined to assist the Muncipality in collecting the information it requires to make this appeal.  At today’s council meeting we anticipate that the forms to be completed by affected property owners will be approved.  Members of the HWCA Board have volunteered to distribute and collect these forms if necessary.  It should only take a few minutes of your time and we encourage you to participate.
  4. Our Huron Woods Blog master has been busy providing updates as frequently as information is received.  If you are receiving this by e-mail and still have not visited our site please do so at thehttp://thewoodpecker.blogspot.ca/
Finally I wanted to convey our deepest sympathies to all of you who were hit so hard. In my rides around the neighbourhood I have seen many individual examples of strength and resilience in the face of great challenges.  At the same time I have also seen real emotion among people that are hurting.   Having never experienced such a disaster before, it strikes me that we need to remember this and be extra diligent in our empathy and understanding of these friends and neighbours.  To the many of you who are reaching out to your neighbours, please continue to do so.  To those in need, please call upon a friend in the neighbourhood or a member of the Board and ask if they can assist you.

Mike Krische
HWCA President

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