Special Council Meeting TODAY July 31st

 Your Attendance is Requested

Huron Woods residents are invited to attend a Special Meeting of the Council of Lambton Shores that has been called for 4:00 p.m. TODAY. The agenda has not been published yet, but we are told that the meeting will concern the degree of support that the Municipality has given and will give to the residents of the tornado-affected areas. Councillor Doug Bonesteel has asked for attendance of HWCA residents at the meeting. Some residents have expressed serious concern about the Municipality’s recent statement on clearing debris from the roadsides and transporting it to the dumpsite on Klondyke Road. The Board of HWCA has corresponded with Councillor Bonesteel regarding the magnitude of tornado-related problems faced by Huron Woods residents and the hope for continued and expanded municipal support, as well as provincial and federal support.
  • Council Meeting at 4:00 p.m. July 31
  • Open to the Public to Observe
  • Thedford Village Complex, 109 Pearl Street (Across from Zavits General Store, next to Fire Station)
HWCA Board of Directors

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