Drink UP for the DR

I’m Katie Krische (Mike and Liz’s 17 year old daughter). In mid-August I have an opportunity of a lifetime to go to the Dominican Republic with a Rotary sponsored group called “Go!  See!  Do!”  We will be building a school over a 10 day window. It is going to be so awesome to have such a life-changing impact on the kids in a small mountain village near Puerto Plata.

I am paying for all my own expenses for the trip but also need to raise between $500-600 for materials needed directly to build the school. So I’m hoping you might be willing to donate your returnable wine, beer, and cooler bottles to my cause.   If you want to donate returnable bottles just leave them out by your recycling by 9 pm Monday nights.  I will be collecting them between Monday, July 22nd and Aug 5th.

Thanks so much for your support!

Katie Krische


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