Sound Baffles for Clubhouse

John Smits and his team of  volunteers have completed the installation of Sound Baffles in the clubhouse.  As you can see from the pictures below this was not an easy task..


The installation was only a small piece of the puzzle. John spent many hours working with members to design & assemble the baffles before they could be covered with fabric. 
The following HWCA members made up the team that took on this momentous project:
John & Barb Smits
Larry Barker
Klaus Vockentanz
Evelyn Vickery
Bill & Rosemary Redhead
Leo Bax & Leigh Swanson
Pat Thacker
Heather Stewart
Lily Pinarello
Billy Crowe
Martin Ward
Mary Anne Taylor
Barb Weido
Don & Mary Lynn Hill

This is one more community project that has been completed with the help of our members.


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