Saturday Morning Kids Club – A Success

The Saturday Morning Kids Club has turned into a great success for the younger generation of Huron Woods. We have a number of local families who support the club. This weekend we had snow on the clubhouse hill and part of our club session was spent outdoors sledding. There are only 3 more sessions of the Saturday Morning Kids Club (February 2, 9 &16) so if you know someone who would like to join us we start at 10:00am and finish at 1:30pm. During that time the kids play Wii, Bingo and various board games. Everyone helps out with lunch – some help prepare it while others help in the clean up. The lunch menu is always the same: Kraft Dinner and ham sandwiches. We bake cookies before lunch and have them for dessert.

Here are some pictures of the January 26th Kids Club.

Valerie Boland

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