Summer Reminders

This weekend is the beginning of summer. There are a few things that members should be aware of to make this a safe and happy summer for all.

  • There will be more children in the area playing. Please be sure to take caution when driving through Huron Woods and watch for those that might forget and run out on the road in their excitement of being back in the woods. 

  • Dogs should not be running free in Huron Woods.  Please be sure to have your dog on a leash when not on your own property. Not everyone feels secure when approached by a dog.  

  •  Parking By-Law Enforcement – If you find cars parked illegally in front of your premises and wish to report it or if you are having guests that will be parking in front of your premises call the By-Law enforcement officer at 519 238-5246 to advise of the situation. 

                                           Wishing Everyone a Warm & Safe Summer!!!!      

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