Huron Place Conveyance Update Oct 6 – Clarification

The previous post & Flyer regarding the Huron Place Conveyance Authorization has caused concern for some our members. The following will further clarify the situation.

  • At the Special Meeting August 5 the Association gave the Board direction to advise the Municipality that HWCA wanted to ensure that their beach access rights were protected on their individual deeds through our HWCA Lawyer
  • The Huron Place conveyance has been approved and our HWCA lawyer requires authorization from each member who’s name is on their property deed to proceed with the registration. 
  • Members who signed the blanket authorization August 5 must sign again as a more comprehensive members address list has been received.
  • The authorization form must be signed in order for our HWCA lawyer to register the easement  on your deed.  
  • There is no need to bring your deed with you
  • I ask  that you bring Identification as I do not know everyone in Huron woods.
  • If there is a power of Attorney associated with the deed our lawyer would require a copy of the power of Attorney.

The board is taking all the steps necessary to ensure that every member is contacted and measures will be taken to ensure that they have an opportunity to sign the authorization forms required.
Please either call me 519 238-8146 or email me to make alternate arrangements.

Thank You
Mary Lynn Hill
Secretary HWCA

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