Enhancement Update – June 1, 2011

Dan Gill and his crew are fantastic to work with as is Greg Vanhevel and his team! Both construction crews are making great headway and it will be soon time for the volunteers of Huron Woods to come on site! At this time Mitch Levis and John Ball’s garages are busy as this is where Mitch’s team of “Michael Angelos” are busy at work. They are staining the trim and priming the wainscoting so it will be all ready for Dan to install. Maurice Mailhot has been busy purchasing the kitchen cabinets and working with Lily Pinarello who designed our kitchen. Pattie Bonesteel is heading up the decorating team and the wall colours have been chosen, some furniture purchased, and more is in the works. We have our very own interior designer living in the woods; Ina Haves, who is a wealth of information and freely shares with us.


The Wall is coming down

Looking out towards the children’s play area

New Privacy wall looking towards washrooms

Our New Deck

New BBQ Area

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